Migraine Freedom Spa Day

Join the Engineering Radiance health coaching team for a relaxing day of self-care and migraine relief tools – from the comfort of your own home!


Overdue for a little “me time”?

Join us for the first ever Migraine Freedom Virtual Retreat

3 hours of self-care practices and pampering to let go of stress and feel refreshed and revitalized for the week ahead. Learn our secrets for keeping migraines at bay naturally.

SATURDAY 17 MARCH      |      1-4pm pacific
(Sunday 8am-11am Sydney time for our Aussie friends)









Can you give yourself permission to relax for a few hours?


“I know I should try to relax but I feel guilty that there are so many other things that need to be done,”  is something I hear from our coaching clients nearly every session. Maybe you can relate?

It’s tough to step away from all the things we are “supposed” to be doing (I have the same struggle!) , but let’s do it together.

Karen, Marta and I decided to create this virtual retreat so that we can all slow down and practice spending some time soothing our nervous system and replenishing over the weekend.

Building up a self-care ritual is a vital part of the Migraine Freedom process and we invite you to give yourself permission to try it out with us.



What Exactly Do You Get?

3 Hours of interactive workshops with your Migraine Freedom Coaches Erin, Marta and Karen

  • Learn myofascial release and stretching techniques to eliminate muscle tension from your neck and shoulders
  • Join us in the kitchen to make the famous anti-inflammatory golden latte to enjoy during the event
  • Be guided through a meditation and EFT Tapping to practice releasing pain
  • While you are having a relaxing foot soak, we will show you real examples of what has helped other migraine sufferers get relief
  • Experience a relaxing foot massage as we guide you through application points for essential oils for migraine relief
  • Time for Q&A with our team


A prep-list will be sent to you when you register so that you can have all the tools and ingredients on hand for the class (such as a soft massage ball or tennis ball, turmeric, peppermint oil, etc. Some you may have on hand and some you may need to go purchase to fully participate in the program. These things are not included in the ticket price.)

Ticket sales are closed! Send us a message if you want to be notified of our next event.

Erin and her team are passionate about using diet changes and lifestyle changes to overcome chronic diseases such as migraine headaches, lack of energy, and muscle pain instead of turning immediately to pharmaceuticals.  Erin is a great listener, and very knowledgeable.   Most importantly, she speaks from her heart because she understands and feels empathy for people who are struggling with health problems.  She motivates people to change their lifestyle with real life stories (and they are funny).  This makes you feel that you are not alone.  I believe she is great health coach with deep understanding of our human biological, psychological, and nutrition needs.

Ellen N.

Bothell, WA

Meet your team of Migraine Freedom Coaches:

Marta Taylor, certified Life Coach and co-host of the Chronic Headache and Migraine Summit

Erin Knight, FDN-P and creator of the Migraine Freedom Plan

Karen Dubs, certified Health Coach and yoga teacher