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Courses and Collections


Ultimate Migraine Relief Course

Ultimate Migraine Relief Course – learn our system for layering and strategically choosing natural relief techniques to stop a migraine in its tracks.

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Chronic Headache and Migraine Summit

The Chronic Headache and Migraine Summit features functional medicine experts from around the world sharing their clinical pearls for getting to the root cause of migraines and finding relief naturally.

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Migraine Treatment – Expert Panels

Practitioners and specialists share their best strategies for dealing with migraines.

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Master Classes and Seminars

These classes are deep dives into a specific topic, usually with a guest expert who is a specialist in the field. The duration of each class is between 1-2 hours and some include handouts and tools to help you implement what you have learned. If you are interested in having all of these as a set, choose “Migraine Treatment – Expert Panels” above, which will give you access to all of these individual lectures at a significant bundle discount.


Self-Massage for Migraines

Learn 6 self-massage techniques for migraine relief and prevention.

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Medical Cannabis For Migraines Masterclass

Get the facts from a functional medicine doctor certified to prescribe medical cannabis for chronic pain and migraines. Includes downloadable summary (course notes) and a cheat-sheet to using CBD oil for migraines.

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Essential Strategies To Enjoy Your Gluten-free Holidays

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Free Downloadable Tools and Guides

Migraine Rescue Toolbox
Migraine Rescue Checklist
Guide to doing a trial elimination of dairy